Where the person, with a little help and encouragement will become an asset. Long since have movies and books hijacked the word Asset: as being a robot type human following commands for getting usually dirty jobs done etc, or an asset as a valuable piece of land that make people rich without those people doing much work.

Not in our world, in our world an asset is a person who means something to the person next to him, to his family, to his wife and children. a Person who can stand back and let his neighbor or friend take the spotlight. a Person who knows the smaller details of friends lives and enrich them through those smaller details.

Welcome and please explore our world where we try and enrich our fellow man. Take a look at what we do from the sex education programme called Southern Cross Pregnancy Care Centre as well as our basic workshops skills development pgrogramme called Cj2 Engineering.

We also started a new programme recently called Made New where we assist and encourage woman trying to get out of prostitution and sex slavery.

Each of these programmes are at the very core of our being, and we are very passionate about serving in these areas.


Our Programmes

Southern Cross Pregnancy Centre

Our Mission is to provide a save environment for Pregnant woman where they will not be judged, but be loved & receive non manipulative counseling when having a unplanned pregnancy or are struggling with Post Abortion or any other crisis related pregnancy.

Cj2 Engineering

Started in 2010 manufacturing body panels for older cars and added the restoration of vintage vehicles in 2014. In 2016 we changed it to focus on training because we realized the massive need for basic training for young men.

Made New Ministeries

We especially desire to approach females and young girls who do not yet understand their identity in Christ, who have been hurt and abused, captured in prostitution or trafficking and who are still in the ‘caterpillar stage’ of their lives.