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27th April

Banquete do Amor do Pai

Here with Shores of Grace Ministries, I have the privilege to join the regular Friday night banquets. These banquets are for our precious women of the streets that we encounter. They are all invited to come and join us at a hotel for a time of worship, prayer, conversation and good food!

On Friday the 27th April 2018, we hosted another banquet. When our team arrived at the hotel, we began praying and preparing for the night. The Holy Spirit really blessed us with prophetic words and our hearts were burning to meet the girls.

As each woman entered through the doors of the hotel, we prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill them and open their hearts to receive The Father’s love. Not a lot of women showed up, we have had many bigger banquets, but the ones that did, really opened up and cried out to Jesus.

Our visitor team from America prayed together with our staff and a few of the women were healed and released from pain and sickness.

We had one of our girls that left the streets last year and she was praying over the women as well. What a beautiful sight to see. How amazing is God, using restored victims that are now victorious over-comers, to minister to those still stuck in the promises of the enemy.

We handed out cards in the shape of keys, each with some prophetic words. The women were amazed at how each card suited them perfectly. That’s the Holy Spirit right there.

At the end of the night, we didn’t want to leave because we were having many deep conversations with some of those amazing women. God truly touched their hearts, and we will continue to stay in touch and pray until they leave their old lives behind.

Every banquet has a different outcome.

This one was really a night full of deepness and Holy Spirit filled moments with each woman.